Large Amount Of Vaginal Discharge

large amount of vaginal discharge

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large amount of vaginal discharge

Large amounts of white, slime- like vaginal discharge?

Every single day, since I was 15 or something (20 now) I’ve had huge amounts of white discharge. Often it has clear slime like things in it aswell, stringy stuff you can pull as if its a slimey rubber string. I have no itching, it doesent smell. Its just extremely annoying because huge amounts of it come out during the day. In the shower I usually pull out tons of it so its not AS bad during the day, but I’m afraid if I’m in a place where I can’t shower for a day there would be extremely huge amounts coming out. Doctor said she couldnt find anything wrong with me but I have a hard time believing this is normal, yeast medication does not work at all. what the hell is this? anyone had the same problem?
If this is normal cervical mucous, is there no way to reduce the amount? I’d do anything, its so embarassing.

Discharge is normal, it flushes out dead cells and bacteria from your vagina and protects by keeping vaginal walls moist so not to dry or split, and thanks to discharge your vagina is cleaner than your mouth. You have discharge all the time, changing as hormones change, you may notice it more around ovulation as it becomes slippery and stretchy to protect sperm so it can reach the egg. Even during your period you have discharge, you just don’t notice it amongst your menstrual flow. You can see changes throughout your menstrual cycle and knowing these changes helps you see when you are fertile and if you have an infection. Things to look out for are unusual colour, bad odour, itching, or odd texture which could be a sign of infection that would require treatment – this is the only time you should be considered about your discharge, otherwise discharge is totally healthy.

What you are describing is the definition of what cervical mucus should be, this is fluid created by your cervix when you are fertile, leading up to and during ovulation. This fluid is needed to achieve conception as it protects sperm against the acidic environment of your vagina; it also helps the sperm swim up to meet the egg. Hell lady I know millions of women who would kill for such healthy clearly defined cervical mucus. At 20 years old if no one has explained to you discharge or cervical mucus, baring in mind this not just about your body but how babies are made, then it’s time you looked into these things yourself. Check out the web sites for Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) which is used as both birth control method and aid in conception and works by monitoring cycle changes such as this cervical mucus so will teach you a lot about your menstrual cycles and how to recognise changes associated with hormonal cycles. Specifically take a look at this page that explains cervical mucus, Wikipedia has an entry too

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large amount of vaginal discharge

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