Vaginal Discharge Without Odor

vaginal discharge without odor

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how can I know if its a yeast infection or just a normal vaginal odor?

The odor has subsided within the years but there is still a really faint odor there. I’ve heard that women are not supposed to have any odor down there. I do not have a yucky discharge and it does not itch so I am not sure if its just the odor every women is supposed to have ( even though I’ve heard there is no odor) or if its a yeast infection. I am a 16 and I do not want to talk to my mother about this because I know she’ll jump into conclusions and think I am having sex.

Do I have a yeast infection? Is there any way I can find out without my mother knowing? thanks in advance

If your discharge is white or curdy like cottage cheese
If your vagina itches or feels sore ( like it was rubbed hard with fabric type sore)
The itchyness differ from the lips, to where your clit is to that small area from in between your but and vagina
Feeling of peeing more than usual?
Chances are you may have Yeast infection or even Bacterial Vaginosis

For meds, just go to Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or Target or talk to a school nurse for a proper perscription

One way to check is to get a mirror, look down there and open the lips a little to see if there’s that white little balls of discharge hiding

Yeast infection is common for most girls ( virgins or not) and even babies and men. Its not an STD and girls get it by:
1. Immune system is down
2. After taking antibiotics or after being treated for UTI
3. Before or after Pregnancy or period due to the change of body temperature and hormones
4. Wearing clothes ( pants or panties) that or too tight or wearing damp baiting suit too long
5. If you are diabetic and eat too much sweets
6. Allergic reaction to your panty or panti liner that can cause a rash in your vagina
7. You lose the natural moisturizing or flora in your vagina
8. Women has the possibility of passing it to their baby ( if you have yeast infection when giving birth) or partners but its not exactly an STD. Its more of an fungal infection
9. Poor Feminine hygine

Now some women can have yeast infection and have just slight itching and no discharge yet, some has discharge and no itching, so how the symptoms shows varies.

Yeast lives in our body, and it thrives and goes into overdrive mode on warm moist places like your vagina. And if you happen to have a huge amount of sweet/sugar in your diet, that basically is something your yeast loves too.

Depending on a persons immune system, yeasts go away naturally.
Medication varies, there’s the very strong Diflucan which is doctor prescribed and there’s the over the counter Monistat which is a vaginal suppository ( meaning inserted in your vagina)
Depending on your age, if you are pregnant or not and if you are under age of 15 or virgin, the type of medication differs. SO DO NOT SELF Medicate

Also on using Monistat just a precaution, the first time you can or may get a burning feeling especially on the first try. For some women its bad, for others its not that bad.
Chances why it burns, either its because you scratched yourself raw down there or your sensitive to the med.
You have a choice to switch to something else after aking a doc or wait it out. But Monistat is the most commonly prescribed

Now as a reminder, Bacterial Vaginosis or UTI has the same symptoms as yeast infection ( or it is caused by a severe yeast infection) but may get worse, in fact chances if you have these symptoms:
1. Thick yellowy to green discharge
2. Severe itching from outside the vagina to the inside
3. pain in lower abdomen or lower back ( where your kidneys are
4. In severe cases chills and fatigue ( feeling really tired)
5. Sure way to know is if your discharge has a cheesy or fishy smell
6. if your discharge is sweet or fruity smelling get a test for diabetes
7. a UTI common symptom is having a tingling or painful feeling when pee-ing or having mini- orgasms on some cases
8. Small pimple like bumps down there are actually a form of bacterial infections.
Shaving can cause small scrapes and cuts that becomes an opening for infections and such.

Now if you wanna do some preventive measures for yeast infection, here’s the FF

1. Wear clean cotton undies
2. Drink lots of liquid, less soda and lessen the sweets
3. Try wearing unscented pantiliners and change clean undies often at least 2 x a day morning and night
4. Do NOT DOUCHE unless a doctor tells you so
5. Eat lots of yougurt ( the real type) or drink Yakult ( Lactobacilli is your tummy and vagina’s good vitamins)
6. Avoid wearing tight fitting pants or lace/thong undies for long periods of time
7. Dont wash your genitals with harsh soaps, and if you do wash, wash with cold water. One way is just to run a glass of cod water down there after you pee and gently wipe with a damp cold tissue.
8. Wash your undies, bed sheets and other type of underpants in hotwater. Its not an STD but you can get re infected by skin contact ( say an infected undies or soiled bedsheet)

vaginal discharge without odor

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